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and its adventurous team of professional guides, camp cooks, pony men and support team give you the best trekking possibilities in the region. Starting from deciding the best trek route for the season and the number of days required to shopping for the right supplies and packing the appropriate camp gear - tents, sleeping bags, kitchen equipment - all done by our experienced guides and support team. Logistics are worked out and the cost calculated to suit your budget.
Our collection of treks come in simple and deluxe packages and range from 2-3 days to 25 days. All camping equipment and related gear is provided according to your specific needs. It's then time to set out. Just choose from our extensive list of treks and write to us about which one you'd like to experience. We also custom design treks as per your choice. We promise you the time of your life and one that fond memories are made of.

The Manali Beas Kund Trek : 3 Days Grade: Easy

A beautiful short trek in the mountains around Manali. Going through lush green meadows and forested hillsides surrounded by towering mountain peaks, this trail leads to a small glaciated pond which is believed to be one of the sources of the River Beas.
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Manali-Deo Tibba Base Trek : 5 Days Grade: Moderate

This trek goes through thickly forested hillsides and grazing meadows to one of the most revered peaks in the Kullu Valley - Deo Tibba or Throne of the Gods. On the way you also get extensive views of the upper Beas valley.
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The Bhrighu Lake Trek : 3 Days Grade: Moderate

Through the meadows of Gulaba below the Rohtang Pass the trail climbs up through forests and then after crossing a flower strewn field reaches the tiny holy lake of Bhrighu. This is also the venue of an annual pilgrimage for local villagers.
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The Manali-Malana Trek : 5 Days Grade: Easy to Moderate

One of our more popular treks leading to one of the most unusual villages in the country. Malana claims to be the oldest republic in India and still maintains its own rules and laws. The people dress differently and speak another dialect. A beautiful trail goes through meadows and forests and after crossing the Chanderkhani mountain pass descends to this quaint little village.
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The Chandertal Lake Trek : 11 Days Grade: Moderate

This trek goes through the verdant hillsides of the upper Kullu valley and after crossing the Hampta Pass emerges into the hi-altitude desert region of Lahaul-Spiti. After walking along the Chandra River the trail climbs up through mountain pastures to come out at the beautiful crescent shaped lake of the moon or Chandertal.
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The Bara Banghal Trek :14 Days Grade: Moderate - Strenuous

This trail leads through the forests above Manali to the home of the legendary shepherds -The Gaddis. The trek goes over the Kaliheyni pass and then descends into the northern Kangra valley. There are magnificent views of the northern peaks and of the Pir Panjal mountain range through which we traverse. It also gives you an insight into the lifestyle of the shepherds and their winter home.
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Manali- Lamayuru Trek Via Padum : 21 Days Grade: Moderate-Strenuous

This trek is one our most exciting going through the remote Zanskar valley where time seems to have stood still. The landscape is awesome with fantastically shaped rock faces and stark barren mountains. The villages come as welcome oasis in an otherwise desolate land. On the way we visit ancient monasteries and quaint little villages. Our destination is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Zanskar - the dramatically located Lamayuru Gompa.
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The Pin Parvati Pass Trail : 12 Days Grade: Strenuous

One of the most exciting treks in the offshoot Parvati valley. This trek is quite difficult and can be done only two months a year as the weather on the Pin Parvati pass is very unpredictable. The trail leads into the Pin Valley a beautiful hi-altitude desert area in Spiti.
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The Bhabha Pass Trek : 6 - 7 Days Grade: Moderate

Going from the Pin Valley of Spiti this trek goes into the beautiful Kinnaur valley. The terrain drastically changes from barren mountains to thickly forested valleys with tumbling streams and large meadows.
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The Miyar Valley Trek : 14 Days Grade: Easy To Strenuous And Technical

This trek goes out of Lahaul and enters the enchanting flower valley of Miyar. The trail goes through this hi mountain valley and goes towards the Kang La pass over a glacier and emerges into southern Zanskar. The landscape changes dramatically once we cross the Kang La pass. This is a technical pass and Arohi's expert guides make the crossing safe with their technical skill and equipment.
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The Tso Moriri Lake Trek : 13 Days Grade: Moderate To Strenuous

This trek is on of the most spectacular ones in the Western Himalayas. Going out of Kibber in Spiti -the highest inhabited village in the world, the trail passes through barren mountains and going through an extensive plateau emerges onto the shores of the vast hi-altitude brackish water Tso Moriri Lake.
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