As the Government of India has certain rules and guidelines directing us to organise mountain expeditions we can take care of all formalities given advance notice. All expeditions have to apply to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for the necessary permit. The IMF then assigns a liaison officer while we take care of all the transport, accommodation and staff logistics. We can inform you all of the necessary information required by this Government agency so that your expedition goes through successfully without a hitch. Once you've decided the route and the mountain peak you'd like to attempt write to us and we'll let you know what all documentation you would require. Regarding experienced mountaineering staff we contract only the best that have trained at the well-known West Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Manali.
If you require a list of open peaks in Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Jammu and
Kashmir do write to us and we can email these to you.

Some of our suggested Peaks :

1. CB-10 (Tara Pahar) - 6227m Manali- Chhatru-Chhota Dara-Bata (RH)- ¼-C-I, C-II & summit attempt.
2. CB-13 - 6264m Manali-Chattru - Chottadara - Bata - Camp I, II and Summit attempt.
CB 13 A - 6240m - Manali- Chattru - Chotadara- Camp I, II and summit attempt
4. Deo Tibba - 6001m - Manali-Jagatsukh, Chikka, Seri- Tenta Base Camp - Camp I, II Duhangan Col - CIII and summit attempt
5. Hanuman Tibba - 5932m - Manali-Solang Valley , Dhundi - Beas Kund - Camp I, II, III and summit attempt.
6. Menthosa -6443m - Manali-Rohtang pass- Tandi-Udhaipur (RH)- Miyar Nallah-Urgos (Vill (last Vill,C-I, C-II and Summit attempt.
7. M-4 (Mulkila) -6517m - Rohtang pass-Darcha (RH)- Yoch (Vill last)- BC-C-I, C-II, C-III and summit attempt. .

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