North Face Adventure Tours offer the visitor rich glimpses into the intensity of its diverse and colourful cultures, all with distinctive customs and traditions. The two predominant religions here are Hinduism and Buddhism. All our cultural tours look at local traditions and customs and visit not only temples and monasteries of the region but also the homes of the local residents to get a close look at the lifestyle and enjoy their enjoyable cuisine. All our efforts are focused on encouraging local tourism by buying only local produce, handicrafts and engaging staff from that particular area. By doing this we not only bring economic gain to the locals but also respect their customs. We also encourage our groups to be sensitive to local customs and traditions so that our visits do not have any adverse effects on the local populace. We believe in minimum impact tours and help our groups learn about the place and its people.

In Himachal Pradesh there is a wealth of Temples and Buddhist Monasteries and on our cultural journeys we visit the most prominent. Ranging from the centuries old temples of Kangra and Kullu to the ancient monasteries of Lahaul and Spiti, our cultural tours are led by knowledgeable guides who brief you about the history of the particular place besides relating the local legends that still prevail. For instance there's the over 1000 year old Buddhist Tabo Monastery in Spiti which has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Khardung Monastery in Lahaul high up on a hillside is another place that is ancient and rich in ancient thankas and statues. The Ki Monastery in Spiti holds a wealth of ancient scriptures and tomes. The temples of the Kullu valley are also an architectural delight having being built in the 5th and 6th centuries. Kangra has ancient cave temples at Masroor. We also visit a local home for a day with a guide-interpreter to experience the lifestyle of the local people.

In Zanskar and Ladakh it seems you have stepped back in time, for most of the region still lives as it used to centuries ago. Vast open spaces with ancient monasteries perched precariously on rocky outcrops surrounded by stark; barren mountains lend a mysterious aura to the entire region. The region is still relatively isolated and makes for an interesting journey. We visit ancient monasteries still home to monks who pray and meditate day in and day out, take a look at exquisite gigantic statues of the Buddha and marvel at the intricately painted 'thankas' spiritual paintings on silk. We also visit the traditional home of a Zanskari and Ladakhi family and spend a day with them and share a meal as we interact with them through our Guide-Interpreter.

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