The mountains around Manali abound in breathtaking campsites. Here you can enjoy pleasant moments with mesmerizing sunsets and exhilarating sunrises. And all the sounds you hear are just the birds chirping, a stream gurgling its way to join the Beas or a distant sound of a Monal pheasant. It's a time when only you and nature can communicate in a moment of bliss. North Face Adventure Tours offers you a great time and an unforgettable camping experience in the hills around Manali in its comfortable tented accommodation. All our camp locations are within easy reach of Manali yet away from the crowd and are staffed by excellent cooks and 'striving to please' helpers.

Our one-day Camping Treat :

Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the North Face Adventure Tours camp site. From here you can walk around the site enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains or just relax in your comfortable tent. Steaming lunch is served at camp.

Relax in your tent or go for short walks around the site. Get the feel of what nature offers you by taking away the stress and rigors of routine city life. And get ready for a great evening.

A roaring fire enlivens the camp and if you desire- a local dance troupe can perform heart-warming folk dances and revel you with mellow songs. Here as you enjoy the warmth of a blazing fire with a hot drink and glance up at the sky to see thousands of stars glimmering, you'll know what it's like to come alive in the great outdoors.

our expert camp chefs conjure up an exciting meal for you. You can opt for Chinese, Indian or Continental cuisine.
Experience the Adventure suggests ideal campsites for short or long camping holidays and arranges transportation, camp equipment, supplies, experienced camp staff and expert cooks according to you preferences. Camping holidays are a sure way to get rid of the stress of city life. Just enjoy pleasant walks or lay out in the warm sun with your favourite book savouring the soothing silence of the countryside. Write in for camping suggestions and we'll set up the perfect camp for you to experience the beauty of the stunning landscape, placid lakes or vast high altitude plateaus.
Marco Polo Camping Sites which call for short treks and walks.

Lamadugh Meadows - 1 Nt / 2 Days
Bhrigu Lake Camp- 3 Nts / 4 Days
Chandertal Lake (Lake of the moon) - 3 Nts / 4 Days
Jispa Camp - 3 Nts / 4 Days
Miyar Valley Bliss - 5 Nts / 6 Days
Great Himalayan National Park Camp - 5 Nts / 6 Days

Just call us or drop in at our office to find out more of our camping packages and costs.
Children aged 5 to 12 years get a 50% discount
Children below 4 are free
We also give you options of a 3 Night/4 day camp package at a 25% discount.

For further any kind of information please email us at


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